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Music Therapy

Since the birth of mankind, music has been regarded as one of the most powerful vehicles for healing and spiritual awakening – harmonizing the mind and the body.

Music can connect us to the most subtle dimensions of our existence, opening new horizons in our perception of the world, creating pathways to our inner reality.
Music sensualises beauty and ignites the imagination, and bring us closer to ourselves. It needs no translation and communicates directly across all borders.

It is no wonder then that music has been considered sacred in most human cultures, and has been used for ritual, and healing purposes. It is perhaps somewhat paradoxical that while we are surrounded by music on all sides in today’s world, its genuine deep essence, power, and transforming potential often evades us.

We believe that music therapy is an effective bridge between the powers of healing and the artistic expression of elevating beauty and joy.

Music therapy has many forms. In the hands of a master musician and therapist, such as Ivo Sedlacek, it becomes a powerful instrument capable of transforming, healing, and harmonizing the areas that need it, within the framework of the personality of the client, or group of clients.

This by no means entails only working with those suffering from various types of mental, emotional, or physical affliction; music and music therapy can also positively affect “ordinary” people in a very broad and beneficial manner – helping you regain your balance, relieve stress, and helping to remind you of your true self – which is increasingly difficult in our hectic modern world.