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Individual music therapy

Music therapy focused on a singe individual can be enervating and profoundly beneficial. Live music, sound, and vibrations are focused directly on a client, along with the support of physical relaxation, relaxation of the mind, and interaction with the therapist. These elements in combination can help you achieve curative, harmonizing, and relaxing effects at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

You can experience unique individual music therapy sessions with Ivo Sedlacek in the new individual music therapy atelier in Jablonec nad Nisou (1 hour from Prague). You will be exposed to a large array of sound vibration source like sound bed, Chinese gong, rotating chimes and other instruments. And then you can flow on the waves of ethereal gentle melodies and music waves created by his inimitable viola, flutes and other music instruments.

Individual music therapy is useful not only in case of a concrete problem – it is also beneficial if we just want to unwind, “cleanse”, or attune our inner energy on a wave of gently caressing, purifying music and sound vibrations.