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Music Therapy

Transformation Through Interaction

conducted by Matej Lipsky & Ivo Sedlacek

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
-Victor Hugo

Expressive Music Therapy” seminars are the result of an innovative collaboration between two leading Czech music therapists: Matej Lipsky and Ivo Sedlacek.

Our holistic approach fuses classical analytic music therapy and psychotherapy, with concepts of transpersonal music therapy and the transformative joy of free-form musical expression.

Our seminars and workshops cover a wide spectrum of new theoretical knowledge, and we explore a range of practical skills that can help you work with a variety of clients.

Workshops focusing on interaction with musical instruments will show how sensory stimulation (auditory, visual and tactile sensations) can enervate the brain and expand perceptual motor skills. Musical performances on a variety of instruments by Ivo Sedlacek will ignite ideas for enhancing attention and recognition.

While improving a person’s interaction with the outside world is important, we believe that music’s greatest potential lies in opening up pathways to self-awareness and inner discovery. The experiential aspect of engaging with inspired live music creates instant joy and harmony to ones psyche and inner structures. Well-planned performance sessions can be inspirational to all present, and can offer long-term benefits to people who suffer from mental emotional or physical afflictions – as well as those without special needs.

Ultimately, our “Expressive Music Therapy” courses should appeal to a wide range of audiences. We enjoy bringing new approaches and insights to music therapists, professionals in the social services, students, as well as the general public.