courses4 | Music Art Therapy

Transpersonal experiential music therapy

This is an intensive experiential seminar aimed at the general public.

The workshop presents the countless effects that music, sound, and vibration can have on our entire body and mind. In combination with other techniques of relaxation, movement, and mental techniques, music becomes an extraordinarily effective, therapeutic, and harmonizing factor that can positively influence our mental and physical structures.

During the seminar we will work on dissolving physical and mental blocks by means of music, focusing healing vibrations on parts of the body, and on the overall harmonization of the inner energy system.

You can also create your own “healing” music by means of simple instruments and your own voice. The seminar will bring you deep regeneration, inspirational experiences, and it will revitalize you with energy for the future. You will part from us with knowledge that you can then use in your own practice.