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We offer a broad spectrum of music therapy courses and seminars targeted to a variety of groups: from the general public to social services professionals, specialists in health and education, students, as well as therapists interested in exploring the deeper aspects of music therapy within the framework of harmonization, experiential self- discovery, and personal development.

In our courses we work with many aspects and forms of music therapy:

receptive music therapy – active music therapy – work with voice – playing instruments – movement and rhythm – sound resonation therapy – relaxation techniques – creative games with music – musical communication – musical imagination – music and art therapy – music therapist’s mental hygiene (and many other areas and approaches)

All of this takes place in an environment full of unique musical instruments and live therapeutic, uplifting and harmonizing music.

The courses, workshops and presentations can be held at any place in Europe and potentially overseas. If you are interested, please get in touch: We will gladly fill you in on all the necessary details and discuss ways of adapting the content of our courses to your special needs and wishes.

All our courses are approved by the Music Therapy Association of Czech Republic. For more detailed information about some types of our courses and seminars, please, click below:


Courses for workers in the fields of social services, education, and health


Courses for students, psychologists, and therapists


Music as a creative tool in music therapy


Transpersonal experiential music therapy